Azahar Artisan Spanish Food - Distuributors of local Spanish quince paste, honey and almonds  

Quince Paste, Honey and Almonds

Produced by a family in Prioratos, Tarragona using artisan techniques, our membrillio is 100% natural made with quince pulp, sugar and lemon juice only, with no artificial colourings or preservatives. Try our membrillo with walnuts also which goes fabulously with our Manchego!

Our natural Thousand Flower and Heather honey is collected from the Asturias forests and is of the best quality to sweeten the most delicate of palettes.

We source our almonds from a family producer in the area of Murcia. They use the finest Marcona almonds which they lightly salt and fry creating something simple but delicious. We also import caramelised almonds that can prove truly irresistible!

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